The Unexcelled Fire Company operates an Engine and a Ladder.

ENGINE 34-4-75    “Enhanced Engine Company”
2006 Pierce Enforcer
PUMP: 1,500 GPM
TANK: 750 gallons
FOAM: 20 gallons of AR-AFFF

EQUIPMENT: Thermal Imaging Camera, Gas Detectors, Electrical Detectors, EMS Trauma Kit, AED, Tools Box, Exhaust Fan & Cords, Power Saws, Auto Lock-Out Tool, Cordless Tools, Sump Pump, Portable Lighting, Attack Hose – 1-3/4″ Hose, 2-1/2″ Hose, 3″ Supply Hose, High Angle Ropes & Rigging, Search & Guide Ropes, Down-Man Air Pack, Standard Floor Jack, Bottle Jacks, Champion Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Cribbing, Absorbents and more.



LADDER 34-4-90    “Special Operations Support”
2009 Crimson Tower Ladder
HYDRAULIC LADDER: 100′ tower ladder
GENERATOR: 15kW hydraulic generator

FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT: Thermal Imaging Camera, Gas Detectors, Electrical Detectors, Tools Box, EMS Trauma Kit, AED, (2) Search & Guide Rope Systems, Down-Man Air Pack, Exhaust Fan, Electrical Cords and Adapters, (2) K-12 Power Saw (wood cutting and metal/masonry cutting), chain saw, ventilation chain saw, mini hand-held chain saw, Sump Pump with collapsible hose, Portable Lighting and more.

CONFINED SPACE EQUIPMENT:  Arizona Vortex Tripod/Monopod, Air Monitoring Detectors, SCI Air Cart with air hose, (4) 60 minute cylinders, Ska-Packs, Class 3 Harnesses, 4:1 Pre-Rigged Rope System, (4) Safety Belay Rope Bags, Helmets, Gloves and more.

COLLAPSE EQUIPMENT:  Cribbing, Saw Horses, Surveyors Transit, Levels, Nails, Screws, Tool Belt Pouches, Carpentry/Hand Tools, 10-1/4 Circular Saw, 7-1/4 Circular Saw, Pry Bars, Lucas High Pressure Hydraulic Rescue Tools, Extendable Rescue Camera, Pre-Cut Gusset Plates, Lumber, Grip Hoist, Floor Jacks, Bottle Jacks, and more.

ROPE RESCUE EQUIPMENT: (9) Life Safety Rope Bags, Class 3 Harnesses, Petzl I’D’s, CMC MPD, 30+ steel carabiners, anchor straps, Rack, Rescue 8, Prussik Minding Pulleys, Regular Pulleys, Prussik cords, edge protection, various webbing loops, Stoke Basket with bridal and more.



  • Unexcelled Firehouse on Corlies Avenue in West Grove. Building construction authorized on October 2, 1890 and completed on January 9, 1891.



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