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As a member, you must offer something to the company.  Answering fires and emergency incidents is your primary role, but you also need to participate, demonstrate that you want to be part of the team and show initiative.  Membership is a two-way street.  You have to communicate and maintain an interest in the company.

  • Your primary role is to answer fire calls.
  • Every member must bring something to the Company.
  • If your abilities are limited in a certain areas, we expect that you will excel in other areas.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain an “active role” in the company.  Participate and volunteer to do things!


MEMBERSHIP – Primary Function:

As a member of the Unexcelled Fire Company, your primary function is to respond to fire and emergency calls.

We expect all members to work within the framework and team concept that has been established.

When members do not answer calls, they are not proficient and are not part of the team.

  • Members are also expected to follow and abide by the rules and regulations, procedures and protocols, and operate under a paramilitary chain of command.


MEMBERSHIP – Secondary Function:

As a member of the Unexcelled Fire Company, you are responsible to participate and be an active member of the organization.  Secondary functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Company participation, Social gatherings (pizza night, etc.), Work Parties, Fire Prevention, Community Service
  • Fund Raising
  • Participation on Company Committees
  • Voluntary Details



As a “NEW MEMBER”, it is your responsibility to be active, be alert, ask questions, observe and LEARN.  Be assertive, be willing to help and get involved.   Also, you are responsible to maintain an “active” percentage/attendance at fire calls.

  • Show a “sense of urgency”.  When there is a call, hustle.
  • Wear your gear properly.  Button turnout coat up, hood on, etc.
  • Be prepared.  Be alert. Be ready at all times.  Be attentive.  Think ahead.
  • Communicate – in the back of the rig, while operating at calls, etc.
  • Everyone should be sizing up.
  • Members must operate under our guidelines, following riding assignments, carrying out orders and maintaining discipline.
  • Worry about us.  Don’t’ worry about other companies, police, EMS, etc.  Any issues let an officer know asap.
  • Be polite and courteous to residents, business owners, victims.  Remember – Customer Service!
  • Always have “Situational Awareness”.
  • Work within your skill level and physical limits.
  • No members should be responding to the scene.
  • If you miss the rig, new members should remain at the firehouse until the apparatus returns to assist the crew in clean up, participate in a critique, stand-by in the event of another fire call and help out as needed.
  • Members should try / should want to learn at fire calls.  Get into buildings. Ask “how would I do this”, etc.
  • Daytime and especially morning calls – we need guys.
  • When it’s time to work we work. Firefighting is inherently dangerous, but we are aggressive, focused, disciplined and professional.
  • Members work under the guidance and direction of the company officer (or senior man). It is their job to make sure that our members are safe and that “everyone goes home” – this is the most important thing.



Obviously we want members to respond to all calls, but during the overnight hours, a duty crew ensures that we will be responding to all calls that we are dispatched on.

  • Each member is responsible to be available two nights per week to respond to fire calls between 10pm and 6pm.
  • You may choose which night(s) suite your schedule.
  • If you need to switch a night or have someone cover your duty crew, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.



Attendance at drill is an absolute requirement!  Drills are held on the third and fourth Monday of each month.  In addition to the two “scheduled” drills, we may hold additional training drills.

  • We want to be the best. Train like it!
  • When you come to a drill, be prepared to work, learn and listen.
  • Be on time. Don’t be a distraction.  Come with the right attitude.
  • If you cannot attend a drill, contact the Captain.
  • Because we respond to such a wide range of emergencies, there is a great deal of training topics to cover in a year. If you miss one drill, we may not cover that topic again for a long period of time -OR- it may be “Part 1” or “Part 2” of a sequence of drills.
  • Drill topics include: Engine Company Operations, Ladder Company Operations, Ground Ladders, Forcible Entry, Ventilation, Stretching Hose Lines, Water Supply, Firefighter Rescue, Safety and Survival, Firefighter Escape, Rope Rescue, Victim Packaging, Vehicle Extrication, Cutting Torch, Technical Rescue, and more.



Membership applications are available to download or may be picked up at the firehouse.

Download version:  Membership Application

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