Firefighters participated in aggressive Search and Rescue Drill

Fifteen members of Neptune Fire Department’s Unexcelled Fire Company attended a search and rescue drill on Monday, March 16.

Students were placed in two different scenarios that reinforced aggressive search techniques, transmitting “urgent” radio messages, victim rescue and removals, rapid egress and situational awareness.

The first  scenario was a second floor search.  Each students was placed at the bottom of a staircase with zero visibility.  He was instructed to ascended the stairs and performed a search of the second floor, which was cluttered with obstacles.  Upon locating the victim, an “urgent” message was transmitted and the students then removed the victim.

IMG_3798The second scenario included a search of a first floor area. Under zero visibility conditions, the students first entered an entanglement prop.  Once through the prop, they then proceeded through a maze that included dead ends and a simulated stairwell collapse.  Once they reached the very end of the maze, they were told that the fire was rapidly intensifying and they had seconds to rapidly egress from the last exit point that they had found – a first floor window.  Students exited head first out of the window to safety.

The training session was held at All Hands Fire Training Center located in Neptune City.

For further information on training drills scheduled for the Unexcelled Fire Company in 2015, please visit http://unexcelledfire.com/training of contact Don@UnexcelledFire.com



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