Smoke Condition at Neptune Rehabilitation facility

09142014 Neptune 101 Walnut St Smoke Condition

A General Alarm was transmitted 1:33pm on September 14 for a smoke condition at 101 Walnut Street – Neptune Rehabilitation for a smoke condition.

Unexcelled Engine 34-4-75 and Ladder 34-4-90 responded.  Upon arrival, firefighters found a smoke condition in the kitchen and utility area.

Residents in the adjoining area were evacuated/relocated by Neptune OEM and EMS personnel as a precaution.

Firefighters investigated and found that a rooftop HVAC unit was malfunctioning and generating the smoke condition.  The unit was shut down and secured.

There were no injuries on scene.

Unexcelled Fire Company was assisted by Neptune Office of Emergency Management (OEM), EMS, Shark River Hills Fire Company and Ocean Grove Fire Department.

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