Unexcelled Firefighters on duty during Blizzard

IMG_2134_smallAlthough the forecasted blizzard and snow storm did not result in a major event, Neptune’s emergency services still needed to be prepared and ready.  There are inherent risks during large snow events, such as delayed response, limited access, cold temperatures, wind, and others.

The Unexcelled Fire Company, which is Neptune Fire Department’s downtown fire company, was prepared and “storm-ready”.  11 firefighters were in the firehouse and ready to respond, and when everything was over, had completed 29 straight hours of Emergency Storm Stand-By.

Members went on-duty at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 26 and remained until 1 2:00 am on Wednesday, January 28.  During the event, firefighters responded to fire and EMS emergencies.  Also, once the snow ended, firefighters performed post-storm assessments and cleared snow from around fire hydrants.

Firefighters also held a training session that covered rope rescue rigging, proper applications and related rope operations.

An hour after the Emergency Storm Stand-By concluded, Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched and responded to a two alarm fire in the Borough of Monmouth Beach.

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Photo (top):  Unexcelled Firefighters visiting our friends at the Neptune Senior Center.

Photo 1:  Unexcelled Firefighters training on 4:1 rope system.

IMG_2148Photo 2:  Unexcelled Firefighters having dinner. 

Photo 3:  Unexcelled Firefighters on a EMS Assist call on Seaview Island.
IMG_2202Photo 4:  Unexcelled Firefighters clearing snow from fire hydrants. IMG_2139_small Photo 5:  Unexcelled Firefighters in the kitchen.




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