Weather Related Calls Keep Neptune Firefighters Busy

IMG_3173February 22, 2015:  In Neptune Township , firefighters had a busy morning as the severe weather and cold temperatures generated a flurry of calls.

Members of Unexcelled Fire Company’s Saturday night duty crew were in the station and standing-by, after the area received several inches of snow and ice.

At 6:16 AM, the first of several calls in a row were dispatched.  Engine 34-4-75 and Ladder 34-4-90 immediately responded.  Here is a brief rundown of those incidents.


6:16 AM:  Academy of Allied Health & Sciences, 2325 Heck Ave.  Water Leak with ceiling collapse and interior damage.

7:35 AM:  2100 Wells Ave.  Fire Alarm

7:47 AM:  1419 Heck Ave.  Water leak, flooded basement, electrical hazard.

8:34 AM:  19 Davis Ave.  Broken water pipe.

10:02 AM:  1201 9th Ave.  Broken water pipe.

All incidents were handled without incident and no injuries.

In the month of February so far, the Unexcelled Fire Company has responded to near 60 emergencies, keeping the downtown fire station incredibly busy.


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