Two Injured at a 2-Alarm Fire at Embury Avenue Home

11029520_10206351472852242_5929209641234679920_nOn February 28 at 3:34 PM, the Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched to a reported dryer fire at 1319 Embury Avenue between Ridge Avenue and Atkins Avenue.

The first arriving fire unit – Assistant Department Chief Daniel Harker, Unit 34-67 – found a heavy smoke condition coming from a 2-1/2 story private dwelling.

Chief Harker transmitted a second alarm, which brings the entire Neptune Fire Department, mutual aid cover assignments and a Rapid Intervention (RIT) Team.

Unexcelled Engine 34-4-75 was first due and immediately stretched an 1-3/4 hoseline.

Unexcelled Tower Ladder 34-4-90 was the first due truck, and performed OV in coordination with the interior hoseline.

Firefighters assigned to Ladder 34-4-90 also assisted with deploying a second hoseline, with concerns of fire spread in the “balloon construction”.

Shark River Hills Engine 34-3-76 provided water supply to the hydrant.  Station 3 members also performed searches, horizontal ventilation and overhaul.

Two civilians were treated by EMS and transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

The fire was brought under control after approximately 45 minutes, and is under investigation by the Neptune Fire Marshal and Monmouth County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Unexcelled and Shark River Hills fire companies were assisted by Neptune City Fire Department, Liberty Fire Company, Hamilton Fire Company, Neptune EMS, Neptune OEM and Neptune Police.  Tinton Falls Fire Company, Wayside Fire Company and Asbury Park Fire Department responded to provide a Rapid Intervention Team.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Michael Dileo, Neptune OEM.



Neptune Firefighters remain busy as a cold February comes to a close

IMG_3231aUnexcelled Firefighters continue to be incredibly busy, responding to multiple emergencies in Neptune and in neighboring towns.

On Tuesday, February 25, Neptune Fire Department’s down company was dispatched to seven emergencies in 9 hours.  This included responding to two 2-Alarm fires – one in the City of Long Branch and two hours later in the City of Asbury Park.

January was no better, with firefighters handling 70 emergencies.  Cold temperatures certainly have played a part in the increased call totals.

In the shortest month of the year, February has so far generated 70 calls for service, with a few more days to go.

Here is a rundown on Tuesday’s calls that the Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched to.

  • 11:11 AM:  Trash Fire at 2200 Hwy 66
  • 11: 50 AM:  Smoke Odor at 1323 Monroe Avenue
  • 12:23 PM: Fire Alarm at 56 Taylor Avenue
  • 2:01 PM:  2 Alarm Fire at 365 2nd Avenue in the City of Long Branch
  • 4:14 PM:  2 Alarm Fire at 1004 1st Avenue in the City of Asbury Park
  • 4:20 PM:  Cover Assignment (Ladder 34-4-90) for City of Asbury Park
  • 7:58 PM:  Carbon Monoxide Alarm at 1202 Alpine Trail


* Photo from Asbury Park 2-Alarm Fire, shown courtesy of Shore Area News Dispatch (S.A.N.D.)



Weather Related Calls Keep Neptune Firefighters Busy

IMG_3173February 22, 2015:  In Neptune Township , firefighters had a busy morning as the severe weather and cold temperatures generated a flurry of calls.

Members of Unexcelled Fire Company’s Saturday night duty crew were in the station and standing-by, after the area received several inches of snow and ice.

At 6:16 AM, the first of several calls in a row were dispatched.  Engine 34-4-75 and Ladder 34-4-90 immediately responded.  Here is a brief rundown of those incidents.


6:16 AM:  Academy of Allied Health & Sciences, 2325 Heck Ave.  Water Leak with ceiling collapse and interior damage.

7:35 AM:  2100 Wells Ave.  Fire Alarm

7:47 AM:  1419 Heck Ave.  Water leak, flooded basement, electrical hazard.

8:34 AM:  19 Davis Ave.  Broken water pipe.

10:02 AM:  1201 9th Ave.  Broken water pipe.

All incidents were handled without incident and no injuries.

In the month of February so far, the Unexcelled Fire Company has responded to near 60 emergencies, keeping the downtown fire station incredibly busy.


Car Hits And Damaged Two Buildings

IMG_2975aUnexcelled Fire Company was dispatched to 1110 Tenth Avenue, east of Atkins Avenue, for a reported car versus building accident.  The incident was reported on February 11 at 9:00 PM.

First responders found that a small SUV had struck a single family home, damaging the front porch.  The vehicle then continued to the neighboring commercial, building striking a masonry wall.  As a result, the Neptune Special Operations Team – Station 34-8 – was dispatched.

Special Operations Team members – made up of Unexcelled Fire Company, Neptune Office of Emergency Management, Neptune Emergency Medical Services and Shark River Hills Fire Company – assessed the structural damage.  In addition, the Neptune Building Department was requested and responded.

Once the scene was secure, the incident was turned over to the building department for follow up. Neptune’s emergency services operated on scene for approximately an hour.

The driver was treated by Neptune Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

A Special Operations Team (34-8) response includes OEM Unit 34-9-85 towing the Special Operations Team Collapse Trailer, Unexcelled Ladder 34-4-90, Mobile Ambulance Bus (MAB), and Field Com.  In addition, Neptune’s EMS, OEM, Police and the Building Department were on scene.

Photo provided by Neptune Special Operations Team



Worker Injured After Fall in Neptune

IMG_2249aOn February 11, 2015 at 5:30 PM, the Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched to 305 Jumping Brook Road 66 for a rescue assignment.

This site is an extremely large complex of 3-story apartment buildings located between Jumping Brook Road, State Highway 66 and Hovchild Boulevard.

Reports were that a construction worker fell from the roof of a three story apartment complex that was under construction.

Tower Ladder 34-4-90 arrived with members of Neptune’s Special Operations Team, along with Hamilton Fire Company – Tower Ladder 34-1-90.  Members of Unexcelled Fire Company ascended up to the third floor and met with Neptune Emergency Medical personnel and paramedics.  It was determined that the worker fell from the top of the open truss roof, and onto the third floor decking.

EMS and firefighters packaged the male victim and secured him into a stokes basket.  It was necessary to remove the victim via the third floor window, due to the site being in the early stages of construction, which did not include finished stairwells.

Unexcelled Tower Ladder 34-4-90 was placed at the third floor window, and the patient transferred to the bucket for removal to the ground.

Once down, the injured worker was transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center by Neptune EMS.

Units on scene included Unexcelled Fire Company, Hamilton Fire Company, Neptune Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Neptune Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Neptune Police Department and MONOC Paramedics.



Multiple Alarm Fire in historic Ocean Grove

IMG_2383Neptune Fire Department’s Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched to assist the Ocean Grove Fire Department on February 6, 2015 at 3:39 PM.  The request was for a reported working fire at the Bella Visa, located at 50 Main Avenue.

Unexcelled Engine 34-4-75 and Ladder 34-4-90 responded and was among the first units to arrive, along with Ocean Grove fire units.

Firefighters found a quickly advancing fire in a three story mixed use occupancy, which was home to 4 businesses and 10 apartments.  Hoselines were stretched and an aggressive fire attack was initiated, including protecting the neighboring exposures.

During firefighting operations the building collapsed, which hampered suppression efforts.  Multiple tower ladders and aerial trucks were strategically placed and doused the building with water.

Multiple alarms were transmitted, bringing in fire department’s from surrounding communities including Neptune, Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Allenhurst, Neptune City, Tinton Falls and others.

Neptune’s emergency services supported firefighting efforts, including the Neptune Office of Emergency Management, Neptune Emergency Medical Services, Shark River Hills MAB unit, Neptune Public Works Department and others.

Three firefighters were injured during the fire.

Ocean Grove Firefighters are expected to remain on scene throughout the night.

The fire is under investigation by the Neptune Police, Monmouth County Fire Marshal’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office.

— Photo courtesy of Chris Spiegel,





Neptune’s Special Operations Team, Station 34-8

IMG_2751Neptune’s Special Operations Team is poised for another year of training and readiness.

Station 34-8 maintains a roster of 50 members, which is comprised of personnel from the township’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Fire Department (NFD), Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Police Department (NPD).  They respond township-wide to any technical rescue emergency, such as a confined space rescue, structural collapse, or other emergency that is beyond the capabilities of initial responders.

The Special Operations Team has been in service since 2009.  They train each month on various skills and scenario’s to prepare them for an emergency.  Click here to view Special Operations Drill Schedule.

In 2014, five members of team attended advanced training at the Lakehurst Naval Base – home of New Jersey’s Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team and home to their training facility.  Members attended Structural Collapse Operations 1 (SCO-I) and Structural Collapse Operations 2 (SCO-II).  This class provided advanced skills in collapse operations, shoring, breaching and breaking, and much more.

IMG_6081Station 34-8 again has a very aggressive training schedule, including advanced training in trench rescue, confined space and ropes and rigging.

Neptune’s Special Operations Team is lead by a Team Commander and Team Leader.  Assistant Team Leaders are assigned to Operations, Logistics, Medical and Planning.

In an emergency, the team responds with the following units:  Unexcelled Tower Ladder 34-4-90, OEM URescue Unit 34-9-85, Collapse Trailer, Mobile Ambulance Bus (M.A.B.), and the Special Operations Vehicle (S.O.V.).

The team also works in coordination and cooperation with initiatives from Monmouth County and other local Technical Rescue Teams.

To read more about the Neptune Special Operations Team, please visit About the Neptune Special Operations Team, Station 34-8.


Partial Wall Collapse at Hwy 35 Building

IMG_2211The Unexcelled Fire Company, as part of the Neptune Special Operations Team, was dispatched to a reported roof collapse on January 28 at 1:46 PM.

The incident occurred at 81 State Highway 35 near Heck Avenue – the Living Word Church.

Unexcelled Ladder 34-4-90 with Special Operations Team members and equipment cache, responded.

Upon arrival, team members found a partial wall collapse of the exposure B side exterior wall.  The building features a bowstring truss roof, which also had the added weight from the recent snow storm Juno.

The building was evacuated and a collapse zone established.

Representatives from the Neptune Township Building Department responded to survey and assess the damage.

Neptune’s emergency services were on scene for approximately an hour, before being turned back over to the building owner for further engineering review and repairs.

Agencies on scene included the Neptune Special Operations Team, Neptune Office of Emergency Management, Neptune Fire Department, Neptune EMS, Neptune Police, Neptune Construction Department, JCP&L, NJ Natural Gas and NJ American Water Company.




Unexcelled Firefighters on duty during Blizzard

IMG_2134_smallAlthough the forecasted blizzard and snow storm did not result in a major event, Neptune’s emergency services still needed to be prepared and ready.  There are inherent risks during large snow events, such as delayed response, limited access, cold temperatures, wind, and others.

The Unexcelled Fire Company, which is Neptune Fire Department’s downtown fire company, was prepared and “storm-ready”.  11 firefighters were in the firehouse and ready to respond, and when everything was over, had completed 29 straight hours of Emergency Storm Stand-By.

Members went on-duty at 7:00 pm on Monday, January 26 and remained until 1 2:00 am on Wednesday, January 28.  During the event, firefighters responded to fire and EMS emergencies.  Also, once the snow ended, firefighters performed post-storm assessments and cleared snow from around fire hydrants.

Firefighters also held a training session that covered rope rescue rigging, proper applications and related rope operations.

An hour after the Emergency Storm Stand-By concluded, Unexcelled Fire Company was dispatched and responded to a two alarm fire in the Borough of Monmouth Beach.

#   #   #

Photo (top):  Unexcelled Firefighters visiting our friends at the Neptune Senior Center.

Photo 1:  Unexcelled Firefighters training on 4:1 rope system.

IMG_2148Photo 2:  Unexcelled Firefighters having dinner. 

Photo 3:  Unexcelled Firefighters on a EMS Assist call on Seaview Island.
IMG_2202Photo 4:  Unexcelled Firefighters clearing snow from fire hydrants. IMG_2139_small Photo 5:  Unexcelled Firefighters in the kitchen.




Unexcelled responds to 2-Alarm Fire in Monmouth Beach

01282015 Monmouth Beach 13 River Ave 001The Neptune Fire Department was requested mutual aid to the Borough of Monmouth Beach for a 2 Alarm Fire.

Unexcelled Fire Company Engine 34-4-75 responded with 7 members.

The fire was report at 13 River Avenue just before 1:00 AM.  The house was a 3-story private dwelling.

According to the Monmouth Beach Fire Department Facebook page, members of the Monmouth Beach Fire Department and Police Department effected a rescue of a resident from the third floor upon their arrival at the fire.

Unexcelled Firefighters were assigned as the Rapid Intervention Team (R.I.T.).

Fire crews remained on scene until approximately 5:00 AM.


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